The comments on this page are copied directly from the Training Centers Course Evaluation web site for Michael Jay Head. The names of the students have been removed to protect the confidentiality of the students. 

Learned a lot, Great Labs, even better
instructor MD-101

Michael did a great job and I really enjoyed it. I learned a lot and I'm
looking forward to getting my hands on our systems and start using it MD-101

​​Trainer, Michael Head, did a great job in explaining
concepts and his patience in working thru issues
with the labs. MD-101

I was eager to know how the content would be taught being that is
virtual, but the instructor did a great job teaching the class. I was able to
follow along and toggle easily along as the course went by each day. MD-100

​The instructor was great and the course material is well researched and
documented. MD-100

​Instructor was great with helping and great attitude whenever issues
arrived for students. MD-100

​Michael Head made the class most enjoyable. He did a great job
presenting the information and what may be on the exam too. MD-100

​I found the teacher very patient and good with explaining everything in
a great manner. MD-100

The instructor is fluent in the topic and did a great job
of presenting the material in a way that was engaging
and understandable. - SCCM 

​Great Trainer, great relevant content, great
classmates. Some errors, but often quickly resolved.
Trainer is very experienced so he was a valuable
resource. - SCCM

​Instructor was very knowledgeable and portrayed info
very well. - SCCM 

​​Instructor was extremely knowledgeable in course
material - SCCM 

I thought the course was very thorough and stated the
material in an easy to comprehend manner. Our
instructor was also excellent, provided many tips
outside of the course material - SCCM 

Michael was a good instructor and was very
knowledgeable on SCCM. He helped me understand
how SCCM works overall. - SCCM 

​Michael was a great instructor. Very smart and knew
what he was talking about and kept the class engaged
with his funny sense of humor. - SCCM 

Michael made this class fun and easy to learn. All his
past experiences helped with the understanding.​ - SCCM 

​The instructor Michael was terrific and very knowledgable. He
had real world experience and examples which helped beyond
just the lab exercises. Also this was the best training
environment I have used to date when it comes to virtual
machines and how to use them. - SCCM

He is knowledgeable and the best one. - SCCM

I enjoyed working with Michael this week, he was extremely knowledgeable and I will be recommending him to others. - SCCM 

​He has been absolutely amazing on helping me understand a few concepts that I learned on my own but never knew the background or reason. He has been a great instructor and has answered everyone's questions to the best of his ability (which is bumping on expert). - SCCM

I really enjoyed the classroom environment and atmosphere that Michael fostered into training. I feel like he listened to my concerns, as well as others, when real world questions positioned themselves to be answered or inquired about. He possessed real in-depth knowledge that could and was applied to our environment. I am actually considering more training when I previously was not interested after taking class with Michael Head. - SCCM 

Great teacher with great skills on the product. - SCCM 

Michael is amazing at what he does. Very knowledgeable.. - SCCM 

Mike was great, very friendly and relaxed while providing great information.  - SCCM 

Instructor was helpful, and knowledgeable. Good presentation skills

Very knowledgeable, engaging and definitely incorporates many real-worl examples. Great instructor! I would suggest that for next time he does spend a bit of time on the content though. On the final days, I feel we breezed through part of the content. With that said, Overall, Michael was outstanding and I would take another course with him in a heartbeat. - Server 


Talk well, was able to understand the entire course

Michael did a great job

Michael was an excellent and very knowledgeable trainer! When any of us ran into a problem, he was there to help and I really appreciated that.

Instructor knows this material very well, but teaches it in a way that is both easy to understand and to remember.

Great JOB !!

He is very good and his stuff also very friendly. I give 100 for knowledge.

I appreciated Michael's candor and availability all week. He treated the class with respect and keep the class on schedule each day.

Michael did an excellent job.

Our instructor was excellent!

Enjoyed the class. Michael has a great understanding of the subject matter.

Michael was a great, interactive instructor and is very knowledgeable about the subject matter.

I like he stayed on topic.

Michael shared his experiences when they were relevant. It was good information.

Michael was very thorough in the presentation of the material and always available for any questions or issue that I had.

excellent instructor. very knowledgeable and has real world experience.

Instructor was very knowledgeable in the material and answered any questions.

Made the class and was always helpful when I needed help on labs. Also willing to answer questions I had.

The instructor was amazing and very helpful.

I think he did a great job of adjusting the course content to keep it relevant to the classroom. He covered some topics lightly that did not apply to our environment and others more deeply than the course material that directly applied to our environment.

Great stories and real life experiences.

Michael is well spoken and easy to follow. He is clearly passionate about his work and it comes through in his presentation.

Very engaging and kept it entertaining with real world examples and funny relevant stories.

Michael's depth of knowledge and experience made the class easy to follow and I learned more than if just reading the course material. He provided several real world scenarios to help us understand things easier

Michael was an excellent instructor and dealt with this technical difficulties very well.

Michael was a very kind and intelligent instructor. With all the VM issues we had this week he was the only thing holding this all together. A pleasure to learn from and I would highly recommend him.

Clear and concise articulating the topic

excellent instructor. very poised, professional, knowledgeable, and engaged.

Mr. Head was a great instructor. He instructed in such a way that made the class funny but educational. He had a "real world way of teaching.

great instructor and would take another course with him as instructor

Extremely knowledgeable.

Michael has vast experience in the industry and it shows in his training. He knows where we are coming from with various questions.

Mr. Michael Head was very knowledgeable and use real time examples.

Instructor was great in presenting the material and answering questions.

Instructor was a very nice guy and gave us different tips about windows 10 but knew the product very well.

very knowledgable, but interesting as well.

Mike's sense of humor and experiences kept us engaged and interested.

Instructor explains very well and take his time with each person if you need help.

Great trainer!

knowledgeable and interesting

Michael was knowledgeable and was able to apply real world problems as examples. He was also able to answer questions from attendees that didn't directly pertain to course material.

Michael was very articulate in his instructions and helped to convey the data with real world application use. I would recommend him to anyone else considering this course.

Very knowledgeable and thoroughly answered questions.

Michael Head knew SCCM very well and was a really great instructor.

Great stories to help explain his learning experience

Have taken several courses with * by far the best instructor I've had.

Very knowledgable and provided number of real scenarios he has experienced.

Instructor knows this material very well, but teaches it in a way that is both easy to understand and to remember.

Mike was a great instructor

Great attitude and willingness to help!

Michael did a great job explaining real world usage and how the product has changed over the years.

Mr. Head was very knowledgeable on the subject matter and relayed the information in a way that was easy to follow and understand.

Our instructor was very professional and addressed each and every question asked during all blocks of instruction. The presentation and his appearance were always in a clear, tactful, and concise manner.

this is my 3rd course with ***** Michael Head has the best instructor of all 

Michael is a very knowledgeable instructor. He listens and encourages each student to participate no matter what the skill level. Felt very comfortable in this class.

Michael is an excellent Instructor. He knows the class material inside and out. Then he is able to present it in a manor that one can understand it.

outstanding he is very knowledgable

Michael was very helpful. Constantly asked if content was used in the workplace. Since labs were relatively new, he was able to go through the lab himself and advise us if we ran into any issues.

Michael was great

Great knowledge and ability to answer question promptly

Enjoyed having Michael as the instructor. Hope to have more classes with him.

Excellent Teacher,Mr. Michael Head, is a great asset to your Company.

Mike knew the course material very well, he was able to relate it to real world experiences.

Solid trainer.

Michael is an outstanding instructor and his delivery is perfect

Michael is very personable...he relates well to students. He has a lifetime of experience with Microsoft, and presents the material in a very positive light (compared to some of my co workers who have lots of experience and think Microsoft is the evil empire).

Micheal Head did a good job keeping the lectures and lab on schedule. Probably the best instructor I've had in a while that was able to stay on a predictable schedule. He keep the class fun and entertaining.

Outstanding Instructor

One of the best instructors that I have ever had. Mad the class enjoyable. always answered question. Lively and clear.

Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and eager to share his expertise.

He is very knowledgeable and extremely patient.

He provided a great learning environment.

very pleasant person

Very knowledgeable and experienced with a good sense of humor to make a point. A pleasure to have as a trainer.

Mr. Head's knowledge and demeanor made me respect him, take the class seriously, and felt confident in what I was learning. These are the most important qualities necessary for me to be successful in a training class.

Mr. Head applied real world experiences within the classroom material.

Outstanding instructor, he knew precisely how deep to go, apply real-world knowledge and make the class less tedious/boring than many teachers habitually do.

Great Job !!

He knew his subject matter and didn't put the class asleep. He had real world examples.

Very personable and knowledgable

Great sense of humour, provides real life examples. Keeps the participants engaged in coversation

Bar none, Michael has been the best instructor I've had. He made the class fun, interesting, and challenging. I will definitely look for courses that he's teaching in the future.

Very knowledgeable presenter. Made the information easy to understand.

Mike is one of the best trainers I've had in years. He was able to keep the course going and not be boring in spite of the material sometimes. He approaches the material with a sense of humor. I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Thanks Mike.

Michael is very knowledgeable and provides a lot of insight. He is also a very friendly instructor and the class was enjoyable.

Michael was great. Very thorough, patient and detail oriented. 

Instructor was very clear spoken and patient with all questions.

Knows all the interworkings of the sunject.

Mr. Head was great. He was very knowledgeable not only on SCCM but other factors of IT which assisted in gaining understanding of the subject. He was very pleasant, understanding, and funny. One of the best instructors I have had.

Instructor knew what he was talking about, very qualified

Michael is a very good instructor. He knows the subject, is very personable, and kept the class interesting. 

He was very informative. Patient as well. Easy to listen to. It was a great experience. 

Pleasure to work with. Provided fantastic examples outside of the Course Exercises. 


Very Knowledgeable of this product. Great pace and very helpful with problem resolution. 

Michael was great. He gave real world tips and examples throughout the entire course. He was great about assisting when Labs weren't working properly and explained anything that you had questions on. Great Instructor. 

Instructor was very good. Easy to follow...good voice...knowledgeable...and answered all questions. 

I appreciated Michael's time and help throughout the entire week. He was able to explain the subject matter clearly and effectively. 

The instructor was very knowledgeable in the training materials. He was very through in explaining the objectives of the course. I learned a lot and would not hesitate taking a class with Michael. I appreciate the professionalism he used when I asked a question. Michael took the time to help me and that really means a lot to me. 

Michael's knowledge made this class enjoyable and effective.

Instructor was very knowledgeable and presented many real world applications for us. 

 Outstanding instructor. Very knowledgeable. Down to earth approach. Was very approachable. 

Michael was great and couldn't ask more of his knowledge.

Frankly one of the better instructors I've had in some time! Keep up the great job, sir!

Very knowledgeable with real world experience to help solve issues.

Michael was very knowledgeable and provided a lot of great information for us. Thank you so much!!!

Michael was very confident in his knowledge of this course, which in turn made me feel confident about the training.

Excellent Instructor

Michael did very well explaining things.

He was very knowledgeable. He made learning fun and easy.

His humor with the training really helps things go along smoothly. It's a nice break from the seriousness of learning the material and that's something we need in a long day/week of training like this one is. He is also very eager to answer any questions and help us in lab, if needed.

Michael is very knowledgeable and a good instructor. His understanding of the course material far exceeds what is required in the best possible way. I would highly recommend him. He is a true asset.

very personable. very adept and discussing real work place problems and solutions he has experienced.

Michael was a great trainer. He was extremely knowledgeable and offered continuous support throughout the sessions.

Very professional, approachable, and flexible. Would take another course provided by him.

He was very exact in his instruction as well as patient.

His humor with the training really helps things go along smoothly. It's a nice break from the seriousness of learning the material and that's something we need in a long day/week of training like this one is. He is also very eager to answer any questions and help us in lab, if needed.

He was very knowledgeable. He made learning fun and easy.

Michael was a great instructor. He was able to provide real word applications for all of the techniques and engaged all members of the class.
Highly available to answer questions (or find answers) that are related to SCCM but may be outside direct scope of training.

I like that Michael has real world experience and doesn't just read from the book.

instructor was great funny too

Michael's real world examples were helpful to see other places had similar challenges and where to look for answers.

Mr. Head was very outstanding with his training methord and I'm very greatful to him. Cheers

Michael’s attitude, patience, knowledge and fantastic real world experience made a huge difference on how I took in the material. His explanations were clear and easy to follow. Michael has proven to me that there are people out there who care about helping others succeed on climbing the knowledge ladder.

Instructor was very personable and always available for questions and help.

Michael Head is a GREAT instructor.. especially in the Online-Instructor-Led courses as he articulates extremely well, uses proper pronunciation and grammar, has a friendly demeanor, and shows appropriate sense of humor. I would recommend this class with him as the instructor... I don't know how the class would be without someone like Mike at the helm.

Very personable. If didn't know an answer, was willing to research and let us know. Good voice and tone which allowed to easily

Very smooth talking voice. Easy to understand. Made class fun and easy to listen too. Very knowledgable about the product.

Was really great even gave good real world examples.

He is a great instructor, this is my second time having him as an instructor and is much appreciated

Very knowledgeable and plenty of real world examples.

Michael kept the class very interesting and the extra information provided was very helpful.

Michael was a great instructor.

I thoroughly enjoyed Michael Head as an instructor. He brought humor and real-world anecdotes to the class that were relevant and practical. I appreciated his top five things checklist.

Michael is a very good speaker, does well to include online participants, and his enjoyment of his work comes through in his presentation. 

Michael was great at presenting information to the class. He covered material in a way that answered most questions as it progressed. Additional questions were answered promptly. He was very considerate of the separate groups that made up the class.

Instructor and a wide knowledge of SCCM 2012 and its real world capabilities.

Very knowledgeable and plenty of real world examples.

Michael kept the class very interesting and the extra information provided was very helpful.

The instructor took the time to answer all questions and spent time with each student as needed

Enjoyed the instructor's extra information that he included as part of his knowledge, expertise and experience....

I've attended training classes many times over the years. Michael Head is the best trainer I've ever seen. He is very knowlegable about windows. He shared stories that tied into the material as memory tags. Michael easily captures his audience and holds their attention throughout the coursework. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone interested in taking a class with Global Knowledge.

Michael was great. Very good speaker and responds to questions well. Very knowledgeable.

I appreciate having a knowledgeable and professional instructure like Michael Head. I also liked the extra tidbits he provided.

Michael was perfect for this Class as he could provide both real life examples and "book Knowledge" of the subject matter. He was also very good at representing material that would appear on the exam.

I have taken courses with Michael before, and he is still one of the best MS trainers I have had.

Very knowledgable and great at explaining material

I like Michael's personality, he is calm and mellow. I have a similar personality so it was easy for me to relate to him. Very down to earth and humorous but encourages learning and makes it fun. I was inspired in class rather than being bored or uninterested.

Great instructor. Great presentation skills.

Excellent with a very good working knowledge of the product. Provides great insight into the real world application of ConfigMgr.

Michael was fantastic. It was obvious he had a deep knowledge of the material and is a subject matter expert.

Michael is a great instructor. I will look for him in the future for training.
Great instructor. Good radio voice - Enjoyed the class with him. I had a similiar class over a year ago and Michael is a much better instructor than the last one. 

Michael was fantastic. Extremely helpful in filling in the blanks of my knowledge in the subject matter provided.

Michael kept the class interesting. Attentive.

Mr. Head was very methodical with instructions and consulting. He also has a good personality and sense of humor, which assisted in students learning and enjoying course information.

Enjoyed the relaxed style and setting of expectations up front regarding the pace of the class. I thought he did a good job of keeping the class moving.

Michael was the BEST all-around instructor I have had...seriously. I have had many, many training sessions to judge by. He had a very good handle on time management, while also allowing for a bit longer lunch breaks. This was very helpful in restoring our mental health :) He was also VERY personable and engaging. Excellent...

Thanks for the laughs and the stories, which created a comfortable, open learning environment.

Excellent instruction skills ... provided humor and encouragement.

Michael Head is a very good instructor. He has excellent presentation skills and was able to relate the material to real world examples.

Great guy who took the time to make sure everyone understood what he was teaching

Funny / Smart

I enjoyed the real world experiences.

Mr. Head presented all of the course material very well. He exhibited a very thorough understanding of the subject matter as well as all surrounding technologies by providing relevant, real-world examples and by participating in thoughtful discussion with students.

Instructor has demonstrated patience as well as thorough understanding of the subject matter he teaches.

Michael was great! Kept me interested all week! Hes a great instructor!

Mike was engaging, knowledgeable, and friendly. He seemed to have everything organized and ready to go, and even took the time during lunch and other breaks to answer questions.

Mr. Head was a GREAT instructor! He was very knowledgable of the subject and the business field.

Very knowledgeable and personable

It was a pleasure having Michael Head as my instructor this past week. He is a very knowledgable individual on the subject matter at hand and also is very good at presenting the material in a classroom setting. I feel that I have learned quite a bit. On a more personal level, Michael is a very friendly, outgoing individual who makes the classroom environment that much more condusive for learning.

Michael is an excellent instructor. He knows 
the material inside and out and uses his vast experience to add to the class. He made the week truly enjoyable.

I thought the instructor Micheal Head did an excellent Job. I really enjoyed his style of training and interaction with us.

He was very people oriented. Told real-world stories about the subject. Related to the students well.

Very good at describing real world scenarios.

Mike Head was very knowledgable about all the material we covered. He was also very easy going. He made you feel comfortable about asking any questions no matter how stupid the questions were. he was a great instructor!!!

Mr. Head is one of the best teachers that I have had. He is concise and well versed. The information is timely and relevant. Keep up the good work !

Michael is an excellent instructor with more than adequate ability to provide real-world examples to back up the material he's teaching. He listens to his students and answers their questions to the best of his ability. Most importantly, if he doesn't know the answer or hasn't real-world proven his answer, he admits it. When he says "I'll have to look into that", I actually believe he will for his own future benefit teaching these courses.

Instructor kept the class focused, very knowledgeable, instructors real life stories corresponded to situations that allowed me to understand the subject. Great Instructor.

Mr. Head was very knowledgable in the Course material and taught in a way that delivered material in a way that was easy to understand and process.

instructor was very helpful while being entertaining

Michael was very knowledgeable and helpful

He is a great instructor. He gives a good amount of information that is not in the course material, which helps with real world situations. I would like for there to me just a little more on detailed/advanced features tips and tricks for real world application.

I felt that Michael Head was overally proficient with his skill set surrounding the topic of SCCM. I was very impressed with his knowlege and how it relates to real world experiences. I would recommend anyone attend his class for the listed product as it will help them gain a better understanding of the product along with configuration.

Michael did above and beyond what most instrutors will do he is a walking wealth of knowledge on the subject matter as well real world situtitions.

Michael Head is an outstanding instructor and I'm grateful to have had him teach this course. I feel like I have a better understanding for the material taught. A++

Mike was great. This is one of the better courses I have taken.

he's was great. For my next * class I hope he's the teacher.

I truly appreciate how Michael takes the time to listen to questions and provide examples and displays what the answer is. The amount of knowledge that Michael has about this software/system is greater than any other trainer that I have had. I value the time that I had and look forward to using the knowledge that I have gained in my career.

Mr. Head had great presentation skills mixed with just the right amount of humor.

Michael was a very capable instructor. His experiences in the IT industry, particularly his time with Microsoft, proved very valuable in helping him to cover the subject matter for this course. He was very thorough and covered topics that will be useful when implementing and supporting Windows 7 in the near future.

Great instructor, great attitude and informative

THe instructor was witty and knowledgable. Any questions he did not know immediately he went and looked up. Definitly would have again. 

very knowledgeable and patient.

Best instructor I've had to date! Would love to take another class from him. Most-importantly, he kept the lessons light and had a great sense of humor.

Kept me interested throught out the entire class.

Michael Head is very knowledgable and keeps the class atmosphere interesting.

Very knowledgeable on the material.

First time in a long time that I got more than just the manual read back to me. Very good instructor

Instructor provided well-versed instruction based upon the audience. He did not dwell on the obvious, but actually took our work experiences and tried to relate his instruction to that. Well done.

Michael was a really good instructor. He made the class interesting and made sure to go out of his way to help anyone who was having problems etc.

Very good amount of experience and ability to relate and answer real life situations and scenarios from different situations

Very knowledgeable

Michael the instructor was excellent and did a great job engaging the class and keeping everyone involved.

Michael the instructor was very well spoken, he added humor to keep interest in the class. His knowledge on this subject was great and was able to bring in many valuable past experiences.

Keeps the students engaged, provides real-world tips, and clearly answers questions.

Michael Head was very knowledgeable about the subject and answered my quest
ions without any problems.

Michael was superb! He made the subject matter come alive and shared many valuable insights from his expericnces.

This is the first "Microsoft" training I have had that the teacher actually used the product he was teaching, and was very knowledgeable in that product.

Michael is an excellent instructor and kept the class very interesting.

Very Knowledgable as well as entertaining

Michael is one of the best instructors I have ever had for IT training.

Instructor was great I hope to have another class with him.

Mr. Head did an excellent job. He made a point of keeping the remote students involved.

Excellent trainer. Very knowledgeable and worked at a good pace 


entertaining, knowledgable, friendly

very knowledgeable in the subject

Mike was very helpful in giving us instruction, presentations, 
and real world scenarios. His skill and knowledge of the software 
and it's capabilities was outstanding. I will recommend this 
course to my co-workers and my superiors. I enjoyed this class 
more than others that I have taken in the past. Thank you to mike 
for a great class experience. 

One of the best tech. instructors I've had the pleasure of taking 
a class from. Very thurough and comprehensive knowledge base. He 
also had great skill at keeping it light, fun and interesting 
even though we were covering a lot of information that is also 
highly technical. 

His experience in SMS and SCCM was outstanding - a real pro. 

Personable, knowledgable, and very capable. 

Michael presents well and is clearly very knowledgeable on the 
subject matter that provides very valuable depth to the class 
beyond what is in the book. 

very knowledgable... 

Michael Head was the best instructor I've had for any Official 
Microsoft Curriculum/Course. Great mix of product knowledge, real 
world experience, and presentation/teaching skills. 

I've taken several courses like this in the past and this was the 
best taught and best experience I've had with such a course. 

Great instructor. 

Very clear and concise. Took extra measures to make sure that 
each topic was understood by all, and assisted students if there 
were any problems working with the labs. 

very knowledgeable and likable. One of the better instructors 
I've had in recent years. 

I Really like the top 5 RealWorld check list. Very adaptable. 

Excellent and one of the most informed instructors I've had.

Some of the students were fast and some slow and he was able to keep us all together!

Presentation skills were way above average. He is able to grab students attention with jokes keeping us alert after lunch. :)

Michael knows his stuff and presented very well 

Excellent instructor very knowledgeable. Enjoyed the class. 

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